Are we scarred for life, do you think?

We must hope so.

18 July

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[x] My name is Rach and I live in Boredville, England.
[x] I use my livejournal as a method of avoiding doing anything vaguely productive, things like homework and practising my oboe, if you'd like to become another distraction for me, then feel free to drop me a comment on my friends only post...
[x] I'm very absentminded, which leads to me frequently asking the question 'What's going on?' or falling up/down stairs and walking into stationary objects.
[x] I'm a science geek, through and through. I find chemistry jokes more amusing than anything (an electron walks into a bar...).
[x] I am a Harry Potter obsessive, I ♥ the books insanely and spend more time on the fandom than I do sleeping most days.
[x] I'm in love with Robin Hood from the BBC drama 'Robin Hood' and intend to marry him once he finishes saving the forest from the evil sheriff.
[x] I'm the sort of person who will sit down at 4 o'clock to start doing her homework and at 7 o'clock will not have done any of it, after being distracted by a balloon for three hours.
[x] I'm 3/4 Australian but have lived in Britain all my life and therefore my australian accent sounds like a wombat being strangled.
[x] I think organised sport is a waste of time, and that my school is waaaaaaaaaaaaay to obsessed with winning. I complain about this A LOT.
[x] My iPod is my life. Without it I'd probably die, no joke. And, I tend to steal other peoples without asking which results in very entertaining (for me, at least) frantic running around screaming 'WHERE THE HELL IS MY IPOD!!?!?'.
[x] I contradict myself constantly, by doing things like complaining about the way people are ruining the environment whilst driving around in a diesel car. *headdesk*
[x] I write in my journal when something that I find amusing (and generally nobody else does) happens or when I'm bored.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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Ravenclaw means being able to laugh at people who aren't as clever as you

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